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Cedar Health was created in order to provide health equity in terms of mental health for communities that tend to be underserved, with little to no quality options available. Our programming provides in-person, as well as virtual services, so that families can get care at anytime in any setting. Access to care is a significant challenge in healthcare generally, but even more apparent for mental health. Our goal is to be a partner with the community, whether that's schools, community centers and even pediatric/OBGYN offices.

Our founder is native to the Southern Arizona community and recognized the gap in mental healthcare for our youth. He set out to develop something that would aid the community that he grew up in and offer a solution for what has turned into a large medical issue, not only in Arizona, but nationally too. The reality is that there are very few adequate mental health resources for teens and adults for high-acuity mental healthcare. We hope our service to those communities, in addition to peri/postpartum individuals, help provide a platform that is helpful to many individuals and families.


Our team consists of strong clinical minds that have developed a program that all of our patient groups will enjoy and most importantly, experience improvements in their well-being.

We are excited to serve you and hope to be a premier provider of mental health for years to come.

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