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Why We Started

Why Cedar Health Was Created

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Mental Health has traditionally been an area of medicine that has either been ignored completely or one portrayed as a taboo subject. We want to help change that narrative and encourage teens and young adults to seek the help needed to enjoy a better quality of life during their formative years.

Adolescent mental health was already an issue nationally, but became substantially worse after the COVID-19 pandemic. Conservative estimates state that roughly 11.5% of our youth experience a major depressive episode before adulthood. And those are just severe cases. Roughly 49.5% of our adolescent population has had a mental health disorder at some point in their lives, with mental health screenings now recommended for kids between the ages of 12-18.

Arizona specifically? The state has reported one of the highest averages nationally of depression in teens, leading to increased rates of suicide statewide. It's a state in crisis and we hope to be part of the solution.

While the teen and adult programs are the bulk of our offerings, we wanted to take it one step further and provide care for another subset of people that are largely forgotten, peri/postpartum women. The first 2 months after childbirth are crucial and individuals can experience periods of feeling isolated and overwhelmed. Roughly 70-80% of postpartum mothers experience what we call 'baby blues' and 1 in 7 develop postpartum depression.


We strongly believe that our evidence-based hybrid offering of in-person services and the ability to see anyone throughout the state of Arizona through our virtual services makes us a platform that can help the state of Arizona for years to come.

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