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Marlene Wadley

Licensed Therapist, LAC

As a military spouse for two decades, combined with a background in law enforcement, I bring a unique blend of experiences and skills to the field of mental health counseling. My journey has provided me invaluable opportunities to adapt to new environments, embrace diverse cultures, and develop resilience in the face of change. and I have gained a deep appreciation for multiculturalism and a keen ability to connect with individuals from all walks of life.

My therapy style is encouraging and motivational. I focus mostly on person-centered and cognitive behavioral therapy, paired with solution-focused, allowing every client to see their situation in a different light, and understand how thoughts and feelings play a role in status and outcome. Though I always stay objective, my clients are very close to my heart, and I pride myself on being invited into their lives, and walking alongside them as an encouraging and supportive ally.

Marlene Wadley
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